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A Financial Spring Clean

Hello! Todayย I want to talk to you about the most important part of the spring clean โ€“ or at least the most important part for me and my fellow students. Spring is the last part of the Educational calendar, which means that every year students leave education to face the world. Most commonly, riddled with… Continue reading A Financial Spring Clean

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The Ultimate Guide To Event Management

It takes real planning to organise this kind of chaos. – Mel Odom Over the years I have worked in several different environments where effective event management is the most significant reason for success…. on in many cases, a lack of it has resulted in catastrophic failure. With this in mind, I have noticed how… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide To Event Management

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Ultimate Guide to Christmas!

Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. – Norman Vincent Peale Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of year, filled with happiness, love and community. I. Am. So. Excited. Simply for the fact that I can now blog about Christmas has me jumping up… Continue reading Ultimate Guide to Christmas!


How To: Stay Motivated in Autumn and Winter

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and it’s almost impossible to remember what the sun actually looked like when it wasn’t hiding behind grey skies. Yes, Autumn is here and it’s in full swing. I’m not talking about the greatย autumn with brisk air and clear skies, I’m talking about rain, rain… Continue reading How To: Stay Motivated in Autumn and Winter