About Me

My name is Hannah, Han or Ginge’, I respond to them all. I have an obsession with anything to do with the sun: be it sunrises, sunsets, eclipses or just a sunny day. I love my bed, my dog, and my blog. I want to change the world, one good deed at a time.

I’m 20 years old, a third year University Student at Nottingham Trent University, living in Essex, where I am originally from, but moved out at 18 when I started University, then after 9 months of living in Nottingham, I moved all the way down to London/ Surrey, before moving back home! When I moved to Nottingham I didn’t know anyone, I met some wonderful people and then after 9 months had to move again and start the whole process again. Aside from making new friends, I had to learn to be independent, learn how to cook nourishing meals, manage a house (student digs aren’t the easiest to keep clean!!), how to look after myself properly, and split my time between socialising, studying, working, blogging etc.! It has been a real learning curve for me and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m still learning every day so I’ve decided to share my adventures of growing up with you guys!

I have loved fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs for as long as I can remember, always getting lost in hours of reading. I learnt how to start using makeup properly and styling my hair from the youtubers, I learnt about fashion from the fashion and beauty bloggers, and I learnt all of the lifestyle tips from the wonderful lifestyle bloggers. After loving them for so long, I decided to get involved and start up my own blog. I’m super excited and I’m really looking forward to sharing my new experiences with you!

Have a great day! Lots of Love!




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