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The City of Dreams: NYC

I’ve travelled to New York for a quick few days break away from my home town – a birthday treat from my parents. When we landed we grabbed a shuttle bus to the hotel which took us through the streets of NYC. And oh wow. All it took was a quick trip through the glowing streets for me to fall in love. As many of you will know, I’m not a city fan…In fact, I rather detest city life, it’s busy, loud and annoying. But in New York, everything seemed different. As if the city was built purposefully for this life.

I’m writing to you right now on the 29th floor of the Park Lane Hotel. Being so high above everything means you get the best of both worlds, the peace of the sky and the bustle of the city below. I never want to come home.

Being here for less than 24 hours, and I can already see myself living here, it just makes me feel creative and adventurous. I can see why so many people run away to New York in the hopes of a new life. I can see why many starving artists run for New York, it’s filled with creativity.

Anyway today I’m off on an adventure, riding the subway for the first time (I’m hoping it’s like the tubes in London), pottering around the shops, grabbing some lunch in a traditional NYC cafe and some coffee (well – not actually coffee because I don’t drink it) in a coffee house. I’m also beginning to look for a place to spend my evening tonight. I love live music, so I’m hoping to find a bar or coffee house with some live jazz or punk rock somewhere in the city. On a Thursday there must be something in a city that never sleeps!

I’ll be taking lots of photos and keeping you updated on my reviews of the little places that I find. If you have any recommendations of places that I simply can’t afford to miss, then please get in touch! I’m only here until Sunday and want to see the best bits of ‘normal’ life here.


2 thoughts on “The City of Dreams: NYC

  1. Seek out a restaurant called Blue Smoke. There are a couple of them around. Southern BBQ and Jazz/Blues. Loved it when I went. Love your blog! 🙂 EML x

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