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4 Tips to Autumn Dating

Hey guys, I thought I’d upload a midweek special this week all about autumnal dating.
Without the summer sun to fuel our creativity, dating can be a difficult and unattractive prospect. But it doesn’t need to be, whether you’re in a long term relationship, or simply dating, there are plenty of things to do to keep you busy over the cooler months. So here are my top tips for staying inspired on date night, whether throughout the cooler months, or simply because your love life has hit a plateau:

1. Set boundaries. Everyone likes and dislikes different things, so make sure you and your partner have some boundaries set, especially of things you really really don’t want to be doing on date night. Whether the traditional dinner and a movie bores you to the point where you’d rather not bother, outside is totally off limits when the weather is below 10 degrees or simply you’d rather not be spending more than 4 hours out and about. Set these boundaries with your partner so that date night doesn’t turn into a fight or cause resentment.


2. Find inspiration. Inspiration in the cooler months can be difficult when you spend most of your time inside, so keep a notebook when you’re out and about, or near you when you’re on the computer, and if you see something, whether that’s an advert or a cute couple doing/ talking about something and you think “that seems like fun!” write it down! Keeping a note of all the fun things you notice will mean when you sit down for that inevitable “so what do you fancy doing” chat, you’ll have some ideas!


3. Have a date jar. This is a fantastic idea for a present (with Christmas creeping up, it’s something to think about!), or sit down with your partner and come up with ideas together of things you’d love to do. You could have one for summer and another for winter, so that you’re more likely to have ideas you that are feasible in the cooler weather


4. Board games are not lame! If the weather really makes you want to stay inside then invite your partner over for an evening of board games, they’re cheap to pick up in the charity stores, at car boot sales, or even new at the shops won’t put you too out of pocket. Even a deck of cards holds hours of fun if you know how to use them! So light the fire, sit on the floor surrounded by blankets (or even build a fort!) light the candles, order pizza and waste away the evening playing board games.

So there you have it! My top tips for keeping dating interesting over the cooler months! If you have any more to add, or some specific idea’s of fun things to do, then I’d love to hear about them! My partner and I would love to get some new fresh ideas to try out on our date night!



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