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Dorm Room Essentials

Hey guys! Over the next couple of weeks, you might be one of the 40% of young people heading to Uni for the first time this year. Which is super exciting, so good luck! Whether you’re moving down the road or half way across the country, it’s a big step and you’ll learn what self-sufficient really means! The world of Uni is unlike any you will have experienced, or any experience you will ever have again! So don’t forget to cherish it!


For many of you this will be the first time you’ve moved away from home, and left all of your home comforts behind. Your dorm room will now be home for the next year, but as you walk in, you’ll be met with cold, hard, linoleum floors, plain white walls, dull wooden/ metal furnishings and an all white bathroom/ wet-room! Making it somewhere you want to be is essential to surviving your first year at Uni, so use this as your blank canvas and get creative! Here are my top tips for making your dorm room a home from home:

1.  Switch out your desk lamp.

Photo Credit: Danielle Moss via The Everygirl

Many Universities supply students with a dim desk lamp alongside other standardised furniture. As you’ll be spending most of your time at your desk, switching out the lamp for something more stylish will give you a warm glow and somewhere more inviting to waste away your hours with your reading assignments, coursework and exam preparation. Adding other decorative/ useful-but-stylish items to your desk will add to this, a vase of flowers, cute notebooks or stationary are always a good idea to add some jazz to your work space. There are low cost options at stationary stores, or take a peak on Etsy for more unique (and higher price ranged) items.


2. Throw a throw over your desk chair or bed

Photo credit: Parachute.

Adding an extra layer of comfort to your desk will keep you warm on those wintery all-nighters and look super cute when you have guests! Throws are great for taking from your bed to your desk to your living room, and are so versatile. A good quality throw will keep you warm for many years to come, so investing in a good one will never let you down. Parachute throws are also a fantastic talking point with your new flatmates, not only are they made from cashmere (who doesn’t love cashmere?), but the company partner with “Nothing but Nets”, a charity committed to eradicating malaria.


3. Boxes boxes boxes!

Get organized in style:

Unless you’ve got savvy with note taking apps on an iPad or other tablet device, you will likely have mountains of paperwork: notes, handouts, mock papers, lecture slides, and so on. So go and grab some boxes (one for each module will do) so you can stay organised throughout the year! They’re also great for throwing everything in you want to keep out of sight, like chargers, leads and other electricals.


4. Dressing your bed.

Throw down an extra fuzzy bedside rug to make things easier for your feet in the morning.:
Photo Credit: Rachel Sanders

Aside from your desk, this is probably the place you’ll spend the most of your time. It’s also the feature of your room. So make it inviting for those Netflix binges, lazy days, assignments (that you don’t want to do at your desk) and somewhere to collapse after a long night out (at the library of course….).Top tips for dressing a bed are throw pillows, they’re cosy, cute and easy to style (and throw off the bed when you want to get in it).


5. Photos. Photos. Photos.

Photo Credit: Craft Hubs

University will be the craziest, most intense, busy, wild years of your life, and you’ll likely capture every minute of it. Whether that’s the photos from a crazy night out, or a cosy movie evening with flat mates. The easiest way to make your dorm room feel like home is to print off every memory (including photos of your family and friends from home) and stick them around your room. When you’re having a home-sick day, all you’ll have to do is look through all the amazing memories documented in your room (and maybe jump on a skype call to your friends from home or your family).

Good luck to you all heading or returning to Uni! I hope you have a fantastic and memorable year! What are your dorm room essentials to make your dorm a home from home? Let me know in the comments!



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