Beauty Essentials

Summer Essentials

Hey Guys! I hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday! With summer hurtling towards us at a rapid pace, I decided it was time to talk about the top 5 items in my high-street beauty pot that I simply cannot live without over summer. In Britain our summers have anything from the traditional beautiful sunshine, all the way through to miserable rain and storms (and not the well known summer kind!). So my beauty pot covers all types of weather to keep me feeling fresh and versatile.

1. Kind to skin vital vitamin night cream/ day cream: Simple. My top favourite product is actually two products by Simple. The night cream lives on my bedside table, and is great to grab once you’re all tucked up in bed. It does feel quite thick on the skin and takes a while to absorb so you don’t get it all over your pillows, but in the morning my skin feels amazing. The day cream has a similar effect, although it is much lighter on the skin and absorbs quicker (although it still takes a while), the moisturiser has SPF 15 in it, which is great for me as I only have to look at the sun and I burn!


2. SPF 50+ Once A Day: Reimans P20. This is without a doubt my favourite sun protection of all time, even though I burn so easily, putting sun cream on is an absolute pain and I cannot stand having to remember to reapply it all day every day. This is why I absolutely love this product because it’s quick drying and lasts up to 10 hours. The main issue I have with it is that it is really greasy and you have to wait until it’s fully dried into your skin before you put on your clothes because it can stain your clothes with an unhealthy yellow tinge.

Sun cream, P20, Once a Day,

3. Moisturising Shine Spray: Glamour Range at Toni&Guy. I absolutely adore this product, it’s similar to a leave in conditioner and leaves my hair feeling glossy and smooth. It also has the great smell of a Toni&Guy product. I actually love all of the products in the hair meets wardrobe Glamour range, because they’re all extremely reliable and a great product all round.


4. Instant Self Tanning Mouse (Medium): St Moriz. I discovered this product a couple of years ago because I started to go through that phase that most Essex Girls go through when fake tan becomes their life. I didn’t want something too difficult to use and I wanted it to look relatively natural considering I really was painfully pale. This product is absolutely my all time favourite high street tanning product. It’s so easy to use, dries really quickly and a good tan lasts a couple of days, which is actually the longest lasting product that I’ve found. So a definite must if you’re looking for a little bit of colour without using the harmful exposure of the sun! The only issue I have with this product is that if you apply it and then go straight out, then it rubs off on your clothes, so ideally you want to use the product, wait 8 hours and then jump in the shower to wash off the top coat, then you’re good to go!


5. Brazilian Bikini Wax, Microwave Formula: GiGi. I have been using this product for around 2 years, the formula is soft and easy to use, and is perfect for all your delicate areas. I use this wax mainly for my eyebrows as it’s really easy to shape to wax to get the definition and shapeΒ that you want, and it picks up all of the hairs, it is very rare that I’d need to go over the area with tweezers afterwards. This product is super cheap and lasts absolutely ages (in two years I’ve only had to repurchase the product once)


What are your summer essentials? Let me know in the comments because I’m always looking for new and exciting products to add to my beauty range!



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