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Style Guide: First Dates

As if first dates we’re nerve racking enough, worrying about what you’re going to talk about, whether you’ll actually get on, what you’re going to do, etc. etc. etc. You’re probably also worrying about that all important first impression.

Today I was off on a first date with this really cute guy I’m crushing on, he actually cancelled on me this morning, I spent three hours getting ready and now feel like a mug – again. Anyway all of these questions were running through my busy little head all week and so I decided to write a style guide on top tips for taking care of those first impression nerves, even if I don’t need to use it:

1. The number ONE rule of outfit preparation is making sure whatever you choose, you are totally comfortable. There’s nothing worse than being on edge because you’re tugging at your too tight, too short, too loose, too long clothes. If you prefer low cut, then rock it, if you prefer high neck, rock that too. Whatever you wear make sure you love it. It makes you look and feel 100 x more confident!


2. Find out what time of day your date is, morning (breakfast dates are my favourites!), afternoon, or evening and tailor your outfit to the occasion, morning and evening tend to be cooler, so build a jacket into your outfit. Another good tip is to look at the weather, I’ve made the mistake before of wearing a dress because it looked warm, and then getting soaked and extremely cold all day. Not a good look!


3. Find out where you’re going! Keep your outfit practical, you don’t want to be in a cute pair of heels if you’re walking, running, skating or climbing!


4. Your hair! Just do whatever you like which makes you feel cute, and confident. Or totally bad-ass if that’s the look you’re rocking. Have a look at my “Good Hair Day” post to get prepped, and then style to your hearts content! Here are my ‘loose hairstyles’ and ‘classic up-do’s‘ pinterest boards for inspiration!


5. Make-up: Again – just style it out! Have a look at my make-up styles board on Pinterest for inspiration!


6. Nails! Whether they’re long, short, curved or flat, or any other nail shape and size you can think of, a quick lick of paint can do them wonders, if you aren’t a fan of colour, then dive for a neutral or clear shade, ensure they aren’t chipped and have been filed to clear those raggedy ends!

My nail inspiration board on pinterest!


So there you have it! My top tips on how to look rocking for a first date! There’s no special way to look for a first date, after all, you want them to like you for you, not this dress that makes you feel super uncomfortable! So make sure you are rocking the best YOU that you can be!


2 thoughts on “Style Guide: First Dates

  1. Really enjoyed going through your post! Very interesting cool (and stylish too!) Keep it up! Come and check out my blog if you get the chance, I just recently posted my top 10 summer essentials, tell me what you think?
    Keep blogging!


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