Good Eats

Good Eats: The Exam Period

Now that Easter is done and dusted, it’s time to start thinking about those all important exams! Or more importantly, how to stay focused and survive the exam period. So let’s talk about food, from what to eat when revising, to cramming, to the night before/ morning of the dreaded exam! Many of us students focus so much on the revision that we don’t stop to think about what we’re putting into our bodies, caffeine filled coffees, chocolate and anything to give us that quick burst of energy to get us through the next hour. If only we’d planned our food as much as we had planned our revision time table? Here are my top tips for what to eat throughout this exam period!

1. Banana Bites: Try whole-wheat tortillas, peanut butter and bananas, wrapped up and sliced to give you that extra kick in a traditional, quick and easy to make fashion!


2. Frozen fruit and yoghurt: grab a bag of frozen fruit and dip in yoghurt to keep you going in the morning when you need something fresh to wake you up! Try blending together with oats, nuts and a squeeze of lime to make into a breakfast smoothie!


3.Avocado and Toast: Mash and spread avocado onto wholemeal toast for a great start to your revision, or a mid-marathon snack. For a twist, add a fried egg into the mix!


4. Nuts: Roasted, Salted (although not as healthy), a selection bag of nuts is great to throw in your bag on the way to the library and will keep you going when you don’t have time to make anything.


5. Smoked Salmon and Boiled Egg Salad: Filled with all the right things to kick off your day and ensure you have a productive revision session. In my second year at University I practically lived off of this creation! It was cheap, healthy and quick and easy to make, see my recipe here. This is also great for the morning of the exam, for the exam period I added in a couple of extra slices of bread to give me the carbohydrate boost I needed to curb the stress.


6. Apple sandwiches: Replace bread with apple, and replace the filling with a mix ofΒ almond butter, and granola. Quick and easy to make, and refreshing for a mid-session boost.


7. Popcorn: It’s not only associated with the culture of watching films, there has been many proven benefits to popcorn and is great for a quick revision snack, so grab a bowl before you start revising and have it near you throughout your revision session to curb those hunger pangs.


8. Nutella Energy Bites: Still reaching for that chocolate? Try some Nutella Energy Bites by Gimme Some Oven, filled with oats, chia seeds, flax seeds and more covered in nutella to satisfy your sweet tooth!


I hope you liked these tasty treats, let me know if you have any other go to snacks throughout the exam period!

Good luck with those all important exams!!


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