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How To Dress for Professional Success

These days the internet has a wealth of information on ‘how to dress for an interview’ or ‘how to dress for the office’ however every blog, or a generic internet search has always brought me to pages filled with dull, boring, personality sucking attire. In 2015, surely this is so outdated? Offices from huge corporate firms, to small enterprises all offer much more freedom to express in the way you dress. So here are my top tips for a revitalised wardrobe that will represent the modern, successful, career-driven woman you really are (or at least want to be!).

1. Dress to impress. Although I have clearly slated the conservative, soul-sucking attire on many ‘interview/ office wardrobe’ blogs, they do have one thing right: Dress to impress. Ensure that your outfits scream: I am professional! So keep the skirts to below your mid-thighs, your tops are high enough that your boobies aren’t on full display, and stick to the “top OR bottom” rule, so if you have your legs out without tights, cover up your top half, too much skin is not professional. Class is a key basic to all of the additional tips I am offering below.


2. Colour, colour, colour, colour! The days of drab all black/ grey suits is clearly over! Now I’m not saying there isn’t a place for that black suit (maybe a funeral…), and I’m also not saying that every piece in your wardrobe should be a different colour, but try to add a pop of colour to all of your outfits, whether that’s a baby blue pin stripped shirt, or a patterned green and red skirt. Try to add a bright pop of colour to all of your outfits that reflects your personality, and suits your skin-tone. But try not to go over the top! Stick to maybe one or two colours (or shades) and keep the rest of your outfit neutral for that effortless, put together look.


3. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Aiming high? Dress like it. It really is that simple. If you want to be taken seriously, then dress like it from the start, show people that you know where you’re heading and why.


4. It’s all about the fit. Sometimes the clothes off the rack may need to be altered just slightly to get the perfect fit, because we aren’t the 5’10” perfectly slim model they were built for (okay, well, I’m not- you might be.) Take the time to make sure your clothes fit you properly and get them tailored if need be, when they fit properly they will look 100 times better on you.


5. Everything doesn’t need to be expensive. Just because you’re dressing for that CEO job you want, doesn’t mean it needs to come with the price tag. Invest in the staple items: Clean cut suit, good quality shoes, good quality handbag and watch. The rest doesn’t need to come with that expensive looking price tag, mix it up with statement jewellery from H & M or New Look, pick up a variety of shirts in different colours and styles from Topshop, River Island, Next. At work you aren’t judged for wearing the same suit twice, (maybe just change the shirt!).


6. The little things. Everyone knows little things make a big difference, whether that’s your relationship, your social life, and even your professional life. So pay attention, showing you care about your appearance shows your boss you also care about your job. So keep those suits ironed and clean, keep your hair, nails and make-up in check and finally try to keep things matching.


7. Match, Match, Match. This technically falls under the little things, but I thought it deserved its own section. Outfits always look more put together when things match. For example, if you have a pair of blue shoes you love, try and find a nail-polish in the same shade. If you are wearing a watch, try and make sure all of your jewellery is the same shade, for example my watch is Rose-Gold, so my necklace is also Rose-Gold. I am also trying to buy rings in the same shade. The way things match doesn’t need to be over the top, in-fact, it’s probably better if its not!


Pinterest is one of my favourite spaces for researching almost anything, here is a link to my board all about dressing for success, so have a look if you want some inspiration on where to start! It also contains some of the inspiration for this post!


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