Top Tips to Traveling light!

We are all fully aware of that last minute holiday packing panic, trying to cram six bikini’s, five pairs of shoes, and a mountain of makeup into one suddenly very small suitcase. Whilst many of us would love to slide through customs with nothing more than a fake tan to weigh us down, packing light is harder than it looks.

I flew out to Morocco yesterday for a week of sun, pools and the well known Moroccan vibes. With the Easter Break creeping up quickly I thought this the perfect time to share my own tips and tricks for traveling light.

1. Be ruthless!

We’ve all done it: packed four pairs of shorts and only worn one pair all holiday, don’t fall victim to the sin of over-packing. Lay everything out on the bed that you want to take, and then reduce this by half. Everyone feels different on holiday about what makes them feel comfortable, concentrate on the items that make you feel confident and special, these are what is most important.

2. Never bring ‘just in case’ items.

Have a think about what you will be doing on holiday and pack accordingly, try and match clothes up to more than one occasion, make your clothes versatile.

3. If it only has one use, don’t bring it.

Traveling light is all about versatility, if that strapless top can only be worn with a specific pair of jeans and bra, then don’t bring it. Don’t waste space on items you can only wear as part of one outfit.

4. Pack with care!

Packing is an art, even with these top tips, you are likely to still have a pretty full case, so don’t waste space by not packing correctly. Wrap shoes in plastic and put them at the bottom of your bag by the wheels, then surround them with your underwear. Roll anything that can be rolled to save more space and reduce creasing!

5. Pack non-creasing items.

On holiday the last thing on your mind is ironing that dress you wanted to wear this evening. So try to avoid items that crease easily, if you love that dress too much to leave it at home, then hang it in the hotel bathroom when you take a shower, the steam will help drop the creases out.

6. Scarves, Jerseys and Dresses are a must!

Scarves add very little to your load but will multi-task like a pro, use as a miniskirt on the beach, a cover-up en-route to the bar, turban style to protect your hair in those serious sunbathing sessions and to cover your shoulders during the lunchtime sun. Jerseys are perfect for those cooler summer nights, they pack beautifully and are both comfortable and versatile. Dresses are the most hard working item of any wardrobe, perfect for slimming down the wardrobe, and can easily take any holiday go-er from day to night with some quick and easy dress-up/ dress-down

7. Say yes to swimwear!

No-body loves swimwear more than me, taking up little room in your case means you can pack until your heart is content.

If you have any other tips for packing light, then don’t forget to leave them in the comments below!


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