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Recipe Box: Fried Egg Pasta

Hey Guys!

Today I created a new recipe, so give it a try and tell me what you think! I’ve recently discovered putting a fried egg in pasta which is a brilliant idea, and tastes great! I have chosen to create a quick and easy weekdayΒ recipe for those days when you get home and don’t want to cook a really complex meal!


Bread Crumbs
Knorr Mixed Herbs Flavour Pot
Lemon Juice

Firstly heat up 2 tbsp of oil on the hob, and use a food processor to mix the flavour pot and breadcrumbs together. Then lightly fry the breadcrumbs until golden brown. Take off the heat and mix in the rosemary and lemon juice and put aside to cool.Breadcrumbs, Knorr Flavour Pot

Bring the pan to boil with a good serving of salt in the water, then cook the pasta how you like it (some like it al-dente, but I prefer it soft).Mixed Herbs, Cheese, Breadcrumbs

Meanwhile heat the oil in the frying pan until it’s hot, and crack an egg into the pan, sprinkle with garlic and cook until the white of the egg is just cooked but the yolk is still very runny, be sure not to burn the garlic in the process!

Drain the pasta, and mix all the ingredients together, add pepper and parsley to season!Recipe Box: Fried Egg and Pasta Dinner

There you have it, my quick and easy weekday dinner! Let me know in the comments what you think, and like this post if you’d like to see some more self-created recipes!


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