Holiday Specials

Holiday Special: Valentines Day Gifts! [Girlfriend Edition]

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

Sugar is Sweet,

And so are you!

Hey Guys!

Valentines Day is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to buy your other half. If you’re sat there thinking “I have no idea what to buy!” Big or small I have an idea for you! I have chosen to split this post into two halves, so take a look at my suggestions for a boyfriend here, or keep on reading for suggestions for your girlfriend!

  • Personalised Photo Coasters from Instajunction. These are lovely for a simplistic way to feature your best memories together! You receive four high quality, heat resistant coasters of your favourite images. Priced at £15 for all four, you aren’t spending a fortune on something sentimental, that most women will love. I recommend using high quality ‘artsy’ images from your favourite locations together, this way they become timeless pieces and capture the fondest of memories in a modern and stylish look. 
  • Chocolates are the most common of Valentines Gifts, and no wonder! They’re the safest purchase you’ll make! But why not put a spin on the traditional chocolate gift and hide a secret message inside? You can buy it from the quirky gift library or here for a mere £14.95, or make your own (which means you get to eat one of the chocolates which is always a bonus!)
  • Unfortunately Winter is still upon us, which means no bbq’s and evenings around the bonfire, if you’re loved one is missing those warm cosy evenings then recreate one inside with this Marshmallow Toasting Kit, by The Marshmallow Co. You get two bags of marshmallows, a burner and skewers for only £10, then top it off with a cosy night in watching movies curled up in a blanket fort. *NB: Please don’t set the blankets alight by accident*Marshmallow Toasting Kit
  • Still not sure how to say how you truly feel? How about giving them a little bag of love? You can buy these from Leelu at Not on the High Street, however they’re extremely easy to make (and much more personal as you can tailor it to your loved one!) What is contained in Leelu’s is: A FLOWER which represents our growing love, a HEART because I wear mine on my sleeve, and the KEY to it which is yours to keep forever! A MAGNET to represent the attraction I feel to you, a LOVE LETTER from me to you my darling, a BUTTON because I think you are as cute as one! A FEATHER from the wings your love gives me, a KNOT (that’s how my tummy feels when I think of you!), a BUTTERFLY from the ones also fluttering round in there, and a DIAMOND because you are so precious to me.
  • “Reasons to exist” bottle. I adapted this from the “reasons why I love you” bottle by Munchkin Creative. However for me that’s a little too cheesy for my tastes, so I thought a bottle filled with motivational quotes and happy phrases to open each day, it’s a little more interesting! Try and write 356, and get her to open one every single day of the year!

So there you have it! My top 5 gift inspiration for this Valentines Day! If you liked these ideas then take a look at my pinterest


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