The New Year

Welcome to 2015


Hey Guys!

I hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating the start to 2015! I hope none of you are suffering too much from the consequences of last night’s antics! I felt fresh as a Daisy when I woke up at 2pm today (oops!). To start off the year I thought I would write about what I aim to accomplish this year! Let me know in the comments what your New Year Resolutions are, I’d love to here what your ideas and maybe we could work together on completing some of them!
Here are my goalsย for 2015:

*Please note these are not resolutions as I haven’t used the “smart” template here.

  1. Start using my notebook! I bought the cutest note book about 6 months ago, which I take absolutely everywhere with me, but it is still totally empty! So this year, I aim to start using it rather than just carrying it around with me!
  2. Start vlogging! I am totally addicted to so many YouTube-rs! I watch their channels religiously and they seem like they’re having so much fun! For about 6 months I have wanted to start a channel, but never had the confidence to do so, therefore I’ve decided to start this year with my first ever video blog, it will mix it up a bit and get different media involved in my blog.
  3. Run a marathon/ some form of race for charity. One of my topย resolutions for this year is to get fit, and to be able to run at least 5K, however I want to do it to have the ability to raise money for charity.
  4. Settle Down: I am so sick of moving around, being in between houses and not really having anywhere to “call home”. So over this year, I want to find a stable job, and move into my very own flat, which I will stay in for the foreseeable future. I want to find a group of friends that I can rely on and that are a group. My current friendships are spread far and wide over the UK and although I love them to pieces, it is hard to see them regularly, meaning I am on my own a lot of the time, which I don’t mind too much – ย I would just rather have a close crowd of friends to surround myself with, this starts with me. For me to find reliable friends, I must be reliable.
  5. Self-improvement. Nobody is perfect, and I am no exception, this year I intend to continue on my journey of self-improvement, which I have been on for the past two years. I want to continue on that journey!
  6. Overcome my fears/ phobias, or at least some of them. The fears and phobias I have are disabling to say the least, they cause my mental health to decline rapidly and stop me from functioning as a person would without these phobias. It affects every aspect of my daily life, so instead of running, its time I faced my fears.
  7. Open my eyes. I turn 20 in 23 days (eek!) and I am told that your 20s are when you learn the most. Therefore I am going to take this to the maximum and travel as much as I can, learn as much as I can and develop myself as much as I possibly can. I want to learn to cook exotic cuisine, learn to speak other languages and learn about the ways of different cultures. It’s time to step out of the “English bubble” and explore the world for what it is!

This list is by no means finished, and over the year I am likely to add to it, but for now, this is where I’m leaving it.

Happy New Year, I hope you have a good one ahead of you!


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