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10 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

With only 25 days until Christmas, it’s time to start freshening up your home, ready for the Christmas rush. This will make your Christmas months stress free, and also means you come home to a sparkling home after those long days at work/ school/ university etc.

  1. Declutter! The simplest way and quickest way to create a stress free environment is a real detox. So throw out those old magazines and post piling up in the corner. Sort through your junk draws. Streamline your wardrobe. Throw out unused items. Generally streamline your home and strip it back to the essentials, if you know you are getting replacements for Christmas, then throw out the old and make room for the new (maybe don’t quite throw it out until you’ve received the new item, but make a throwing away pile somewhere out of sight).
  2. Redecorate! A fresh lick of paint, a carpet clean, a new duvet set, a change in throw cushions, or a lovely bunch of flowers. Little low cost items will spruce up your new and improved decluttered home and ensure that you have a new healthy look and feel.
  3. Organise! There’s nothing worse than mess, especially at Christmas when you have wrapping paper, cellotape and little gifts coming out of your ears! So before you get out the wrapping paper and the scissors… make sure your home is super organised, from the way the books are stacked on your shelves down to how straight the rug on the floor is. Make sure its as tidy as it possibly can be.
  4. Decorate!! Tomorrow is the 1st of December, and from that moment on you have the perfect excuse to deck the halls! So buy that Christmas tree (real or faux) lay out the garlands and table sets, string up those cards, and most importantly: cover your home in fairy lights. You can never have enough fairy lights, especially at Christmas!
  5. Go green inside and out! To create a stress-free environment, detox your home by using natural materials. Try to steer clear of synthetics as they are usually non-recyclable and made with hard chemical processes. Fill your home with beautiful real plants, but don’t forget to water them!! Plants not only look fresh, but they can create a better air quality in your home.
  6. Grow Your Own: The easiest way to save money and the environment is growing your own herbs and vegetables. Not only will this make you feel healthier inside, and get you using more vegetables and herbs in your meals, but it will also give your home a fresh smell, growing herbs inside is easy and a kitchen full of the smell of rich herbs is the best thing to come home to!
  7. Dust-Free Zone! Did you know: The average gram of household dust contains: five million fungal spores, seven million bacteria, eight thousand algae, and 12 mites and that’s before you add the chemicals, fluff and skin cells! Lightly dampen your dust cloth and regularly clear the dust from your home, this is an automatic and sure-fire way to freshen up your home immediately!
  8. Open a window. It may seem simple, but you’d be shocked at how many people rarely let the fresh air flow through their home. Another quick fix is to mix baking soda with water and wipe over the surfaces in your home, this helps to neutralise odors for a non-polluted fresh smell.
  9. Embrace a technology free bedroom. To rest easier, remove televisions, computers and all other technologies from your bedroom, as these items emit a light which convinces your brain to stay away, meaning elevated stress-hormones in the morning. By doing this, it also helps to associate a bedroom with sleeping rather than being active.
  10. Take off your shoes! Think about the ground outside, and what you must walk through on a daily basis, from lead dust, to petrol, fertilisers to other nasty chemicals, and all sorts of other nasty fungi and bacteria. So why bring that into your home? When you come home, leave your shoes at the door, preferably in a box or tray. Another tip to a healthier and fresher home is to clean your shoes regularly (at least one a week for those pairs you wear regularly), inside and out. This removes sweat, dirt, bacteria and other nasty germs, keeping your shoes fresh and stopping your house smelling of those nasty odors!

If you have any more tips for detoxing and freshening your home around this time of year, then let me know in the comments below!

~ xoxo ~

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