London Bound

When was the last time you had a real adventure? Actually, comment below this post what you class as an adventure? I’d love to hear your thoughts! To me an adventure is stepping through your door and not knowing where the day may take you. It may take you as far as the local coffee shop, or you may end up overseas, wherever you end up, that is what adventures are about.

Today, I hopped on a train to London, grabbing a paper to read on the way, with my iPad and camera in hand, and sat back thinking about where the day could take me! I much prefer travelling alone, with just me, my camera and the day ahead of me, no worrying about what everyone feels like, and you don’t have to think about whether you are holding everyone up trying to get that one photo you really want!
What’s in my bag?
When I go travelling these are my essentials: an iPad and Pen,
Credit Card, Phone/ Headphones, Keys, and a Camera.
Here are a few snapshots from my trip to London a couple of weeks ago:
On the train ride into London, the graffiti artists write some motivational quotes to set the tone for commuters! It reads “Quit your Job, Follow your dream!”
Welcome to the London Smog, you won’t see another city like it (in the UK at least) with such a dark smog hanging over the city!
I decided to visit the memorial for soldiers who fought in World War I, the scale of seeing soldier after soldiers name scrawled on the walls of this memorial was really overwhelming.

Outside the building above, people had begun to lay wreaths of poppies outside the building.

Seeing these poppies laid out in their thousands was incredible, and to think that every single one had been sold. There aren’t words to describe how amazing this sight was. The support for our nations soldiers is staggering.

After a long day walking around the war memorials, I finished the afternoon with a trip to the ice bar. It was hot and sticky outside in the hustle and bustle of London, I have never been happier to duck into a room of -7 degrees for 45 minutes to cool down with a cocktail!
Finally I made it back to Victoria Station where I caught these police men standing like statues as men, women and children rushed by. One of my favourite places to people watch is train stations, there is such a diverse range of people flowing in and out of those four walls.

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